3 Excellent Reasons to Use a Server Lifter


This article is going to discuss three excellent reasons to use a server lifter. 

Avoid Injuring Personnel 

One of the most important reasons to use a server lifter is to avoid injuring the personnel who are moving all of the IT equipment for you. Trying to move all of this equipment on their own is going to be quite taxing on their body. This is especially true for their back because they will have to be lifting the objects up and down multiple times. When you rent or purchase a server lifter, you are going to completely eliminate this lifting from the equation because the server lifter is going to do all of this for them. This is going to save you from having to worry about things like the well-being of your employees, worker's compensation, and so forth. 

Use Battery Power 

A lot of IT equipment that needs to be moved around can be incredibly heavy. This can start becoming incredibly taxing for you and your employees if you have a lot of equipment that you need to have moved. This is where one or more server lifters is going to come in handy. The server lifters are not only great for securely loading and holding your IT equipment but are also amazing because they are battery powered with a rechargeable battery. This allows you to move the platform of the lifter via battery power rather than having to use your own strength to lift the equipment up and down multiple times. This is not only going to save you and your employees from getting too exhausted but can also allow you to move things much more quickly. 

Have an Adjustable Platform 

Since different pieces of IT equipment, servers, and so forth are going to come in different shapes and sizes, it is important that you are able to fit these different items on to the server lifter. Thankfully, the server lifter is going to come with a platform that you can adjust to a variety of different dimensions. To move the dimensions of the platform you are simply going to need to loosen some of the screws, pull the platform out in either direction, and then tighten the screws once again to secure the new dimensions of the platform. This process won't take long at all and can allow you to move pretty much any piece of equipment that you need to move. 

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26 January 2017

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